Andrew "Andy" Fekete

Candidate for Huntley School District 158 - Board of Education 

Andrew "Andy" Fekete - Endorsed by Huntley Education Association (HEA) and HESPA!

Meet the Candidate

My name is Andrew "Andy" Fekete. I am excited to announce my candidacy for the Huntley Community School District 158's school board seat in the upcoming election on April 4, 2023. In my first opportunity to serve on the District 158 School Board, I seek the open two-year term seat.

For as long as I can remember, public education has always been a passion of mine. I grew up in a household that understood and instilled the importance of public education. Public education was always around us; my mom was a teacher and then a local public education advocate. I spent time in high school volunteering at a local Algonquin elementary school and my first job as a tutors assistant at a local tutoring facility. A strong public education has always been something that I care deeply about and is a core tenant of a strong community.

I knew at a young age that I wanted to pursue a career in education. I earned my bachelor's degree in elementary education and have worked in education for the last 18 years. After many years as a classroom teacher, I moved into a district-level position in a high-performing local district. My love for education took me back to the classroom to continue learning, where I earned two Master's degrees in Educational Leadership and Instructional Technology. Google has recognized me for my work in instructional technology. I recently was recognized as a CETL (Certified Education Technology Leader), one of the premier national accreditation programs. As part of this accreditation program, I demonstrated proficiency in leadership and vision, strategic planning, ethics and policies, communication, business management, and more. These are all attributes of a strong and successful board member.

As a long-time residents of Huntley & Algonquin, my wife and I, like I know many of you, choose to make this area our home because of the access to a high-quality, innovative school district that is going to prepare the students in our community to be college and career ready, no matter the path that they choose. With two children currently in the district, an 8th grader and a 3rd grader, I am invested as a parent and community member in ensuring the district continues to be an innovative, forward-thinking educational environment that is going to prepare all students for the world and future that they are presented with. I have seen firsthand the varying needs of students in our community. As a Huntley 158 Board Member, I will advocate for all students at all levels and abilities. Finally, Huntley 158 publicizes the vision of "All Students Always ."As a board member, I aim to ensure this is followed and is happening in every school and classroom throughout the district.

As a board member, I am the community's voice. My goal as a member of the Huntley 158 Board of Education is to listen to all members of our community and ensure that all community members' voices are heard across our school district. Public education is a tenant of a strong community, but only as strong as the community that supports and lifts it.

I genuinely believe that the intersection of a devoted father and acclaimed educator and my desire to continue to move the district forward align me in a strong position for the open board seat and to make a meaningful contribution to the District 158 school board and the stakeholders in which it serves.

Make Sure YOUR voice is HEARD! 

Exercise YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE on Tuesday, April 4th! 

We owe it to our children and to the future of our community!